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Blindspot is American Drama TV series. Created by Martin Gero. Produced by Quinn's House. Stars: Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, Rob Brown. It debuted on Sep 21, 2015, on NBC. IMDb's user rating for the series is 7.4 *. Won the Critics' Choice TV Award. Blindspot is set in USA.


How Many Seasons Of Blindspot: 5 (89 episodes)

Season 5


Season 4

Season premieres on October 12, 2018

Finale: May 31, 2019

NBC, 22 episodes

Season 3

Season premieres on October 27, 2017

Finale: May 18, 2018

NBC, 22 episodes

Season 2

2016, NBC, 22 episodes

Season 1

2015, NBC, 23 episodes

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'Blindspot' What Time Does it Start?

Blindspot is on NBC (United States) Fridays at 6 pm

Last episode:

S4E22 () - Air Date: May 31, 2019 (8 months ago)

News & Interviews

'Blindspot' Star Jaimie Alexander Serves Up Hilarious Season 3 Bloopers -- Watch! (Exclusive) - via Etonline

But the best moment may be the final one in ET's exclusive preview, when someone off-camera praises Alexander for her ability to serve up some major sass in one dialogue-less moment. "Yas queen, cut and print that!" Watch the exclusive blooper reel above.

Blindspot: Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Tapped for Top-Secret Season 4 Role - per Tvline

The actress will appear throughout the NBC drama’s fourth season as Madeline Burke, though further details about the character are being kept under wraps. An episode count for the role has also not been determined.

Blindspot: La Nbc svela la data d'inizio della quarta stagione - according to Series

La sinossi della serie: Un borsone viene lasciato incustodito a Times Square. Al suo interno una donna si risveglia completamente nuda, ricoperta di tatuaggi e priva di qualsiasi ricordo. Non sa chi è, da dove viene e chi sia stato a farle quei tatuaggi. Uno di questi tatuaggi la collega all’FBI dato che è il nome di un agente speciale, ovvero Kurt Weller. La donna, chiamata successivamente Jane Doe, viene affidata all’FBI e tramite la risoluzione di alcuni tatuaggi, Jane, insieme alla squadra composta dall’agente Weller, Edgar Reade, Tasha Zapata e Patterson, risolve diversi crimini e successivamente smantella qualcosa di molto più grande, chiamato “Sandstorm”.

Blindspot finale recap: This. Changes. Everything. - via Ew

While Crawford traces a call from Roman, baiting and switching the FBI as he gets himself to the airport to go find the man who’s betrayed him, the team finds some hidden numbers in two of Jane’s tattoos that likely point to page and word numbers in The Count of Monte Cristo. The problem is that they need a rare first edition of the original French book. It turns out it’s not much of a problem for Rich, who finds a copy on the Dark Web and refuses to tell Reade how much the government had to pay to obtain it.


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