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Between is Canadian Drama TV series. Created by Michael McGowan. Produced by Don Carmody Television. Stars: Jennette McCurdy, Jesse Carere, Justin Kelly. It debuted on May 21, 2015, on City. The series has 6.0 * rating by IMDb. Between is set in Canada.


How Many Seasons Between Has: 2 (12 episodes)

Season 3


Season 2

Season premieres on July 1, 2016

City, 6 episodes

Season 1

Season premieres on May 21, 2015

Finale: June 25, 2015

City, 6 episodes

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Between TV Show Schedule

Between is on City (Canada) Fridays at 6 pm

Last episode:

S2E1 (Get Out of Town) - Air Date: Jul 01, 2016 (4 years ago)

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