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Betrayed is American Drama TV series. Stars: Rene Michelle Aranda, William "Will" Daubert, Grant C. Hansen. Also known as Asesinato en primera persona in Spain. It first aired on Aug 24, 2016, on Investigation Discovery. The series has 8.1 * rating by IMDb.


How Many Seasons Betrayed Has: 3 (31 episodes)

Season 4

Investigation Discovery

Season 3

Season premieres on March 4, 2019

Investigation Discovery, 10 episodes

Season 2

Season premieres on January 1, 2018

Finale: March 1, 2018

Investigation Discovery, 11 episodes

Season 1

2016, Investigation Discovery, 10 episodes

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Betrayed is on Investigation Discovery (United States) Mondays at 6 pm

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Season 3 Episode 10 () - Air Date: May 06, 2019 (3 months ago)

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Dana Laskowski, Emily Lauenborg: Investigation Discovery's 'Betrayed' Explores Case Of Puyallup Mom Found Dead In Home, Killed By Drug-Crazed Teen - The Inquisitr News - by Inquisitr

Investigators arrived at Dana Laskowski’s home in August 2001, where they found the young mother lying unresponsive on the couch. The position of the body was strange. She was twisted slightly at the hip with one arm folded behind her and the other arm placed above her head. A blanket and a pillow were placed on top of the body. Looking at the scene, it appeared that she was simply sleeping. But, the body was cold to the touch, and she was pronounced dead.

US Suspects Niger Villager Betrayed Army Troops - - according to Military

The joint U.S. and Niger team was initially sent on a routine mission to meet local tribal leaders and work with the Niger forces. But after they had set out on Oct. 3, they received a new assignment, the official said. They were asked to go to a location where the insurgent had last been seen, and collect intelligence. Because the insurgent was no longer in that area, military commanders believed the operation wasn't risky, the official said, adding there was no order to search for or find the AQIM member.

Betrayed: Pregnant 15-year-old Becky Stowe murdered by her 16-year-old boyfriend Robert Leamon Jr - Monsters and - via Monstersandcritics

Then two years later Leamon confessed to a new girlfriend that he’d killed Stowe. Her body was eventually discovered buried on the farm belonging to Leamon’s uncle. His cousin also testified that at the time around the killing Leamon had told him a ditch they saw was big enough to bury Stowe, though the cousin claimed he thought Leamon was joking.

Who Betrayed Anne Frank? - History - according to History

Anne Frank’s father Otto—the only member of the family to survive their subsequent deportation to the concentration camps—was among the first to assert that a betrayal had led to their capture. The group’s hideout was located inside a warehouse he had once owned, and they were aided by several of his employees as well as other Dutch sympathizers. Shortly after World War II ended, Otto Frank suggested that the culprit was Willem van Maaren, a warehouse employee who was not in on the secret. Van Maaren was later the subject of multiple investigations related to the betrayal—including one by famed Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal—but he always maintained his innocence, and none of the cases ever produced any evidence against him.


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