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Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown is American Food TV series. Produced by Zero Point Zero Production Inc.. Stars: Anthony Bourdain, David Holloway, Eric Ripert. It first aired on Apr 14, 2013, on CNN. The series has 8.7 * rating by IMDb. Won the Primetime Emmy, Eddie, C.A.S. Award, Critics' Choice TV Award, Critics' Choice Documentary Award.


How Many Seasons Of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Are Out: 12 (96 episodes)

Season 13


Season 12

Season premieres on September 23, 2018

CNN, 7 episodes

Season 11

Season premieres on April 29, 2018

CNN, 8 episodes

Season 10

2017, CNN, 9 episodes

Season 9

2017, CNN, 8 episodes

Season 8

2016, CNN, 10 episodes

Season 7

2016, CNN, 8 episodes

Season 6

2015, CNN, 8 episodes

Season 5

2015, CNN, 8 episodes

Season 4

2014, CNN, 8 episodes

Season 3

2014, CNN, 8 episodes

Season 2

2013, CNN, 8 episodes

Season 1

2013, CNN, 8 episodes

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What Time Does Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Come On

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown is on CNN (United States) Sundays at 6 pm

Last episode:

Season 12 Episode 7 (Lower East Side) - Air Date: Nov 11, 2018 (8 months ago)

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Final Episode Of Anthony Bourdain's 'Parts Unknown' Gets Haunting Trailer - by Pedestrian

Condor - A young CIA analyst stumbles onto a terrible but brilliant plan that threatens the lives of millions, forcing him on the run in a desperate attempt to uncover the truth. NEW EPISODE THURSDAYS 8PM (AEST) - SAME DAY AS THE U.S. - ONLY ON STAN.

Anthony Bourdain Cremated in France: Source - by People

“Anthony gave all of himself in everything that he did,” she wrote on Twitter. “His brilliant, fearless spirit touched and inspired so many, and his generosity knew no bounds. He was my love, my rock, my protector. I am beyond devastated. My thoughts are with his family. I would ask that you respect their privacy and mine.”

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain found dead in France at 61 - by Startribune

As he left the White House for the G-7 summit in Quebec, President Donald Trump, whom Bourdain had sharply criticized, offered his "heartfelt condolences" to Bourdain's family, which includes his 11-year-old daughter, Ariane. Jamie Oliver wrote on Instagram that Bourdain "really broke the mould ... he leaves chefs and fans around the world with a massive foodie hole that simply can't be replaced."

Anthony Bourdain's Last Completed 'Parts Unknown' Episodes to Air This Month, CNN Says - according to Thewrap

Spicer went on to clarify that he did, in fact, know about the Holocaust. "I think when you come to sarin gas, there was no -- he was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Assad is doing," Spicer said. "I mean, there was clearly, I understand your point, thank you. Thank you, I appreciate that. There was not in the, he brought them into the Holocaust center, I understand that." The historically accurate term for "Holocaust center" is "concentration camp," and at least 200,000 people killed in them were Jewish German citizens.


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