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American Grit

American Grit is American Drama TV series. Produced by Leftfield Pictures. Stars: John Cena, Tony Touchdown Simmons, Jim Vaglica. It premiered on Apr 14, 2016, on FOX. IMDb's user rating for the series is 7.0 *. Won the DGA Award. American Grit is set in USA.


How Many Seasons In American Grit: 2 (20 episodes)

Season 3


Season 2

Season premieres on June 11, 2017

Finale: August 6, 2017

FOX, 10 episodes

Season 1

Season premieres on April 14, 2016

Finale: June 9, 2016

FOX, 10 episodes

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What Time Does American Grit Come On Tonight

American Grit is on FOX (United States) Sundays at 6 pm

Last episode:

Season 2 Episode 10 (Who's Got Grit?) - Air Date: Aug 06, 2017 (about a year ago)

News & Interviews

American Grit's Clare Painter taught me not to discount female competitors - - per Sheknows

Painter wasn’t alone as a victor, of course, but I don’t think anybody doubted fellow Team Noah member Bouquin’s ability to take home the win. I had him pegged as a shoo-in from the very beginning. Painter, on the other hand… I didn’t even really notice her until a few weeks ago. If I’d paid more attention, I’d have observed a very, very talented woman with a whole lot of grit.

'American Grit' Season 2 Episode 5: Contestants to Choose Between Love and Priority in Next Challenge - Christian Post - by Christianpost

With only 12 contestants left, the determination to win and to stay in the game for a chance to win the $250,000 grand prize will only get that much harder. Which team will prove to be grittier than the rest?

WWE Superstar John Cena brings 17 new competitors to Camp Grit on season premiere of 'American Grit' - Niagara Frontier Publications - according to Wnypapers

WWE Superstar John Cena welcomes 17 new competitors - who either have lost their grit or never had it - to sunny Hampton Island, Georgia, on season two of "American Grit,' premiering Sunday, June 11 (9 p.m. ET/PT) on FOX. There, Cena and a brand-new group of mentors, known as "The Cadre," will live alongside these men and women at Camp Grit, where the drama quickly heats up. They will take these competitors under their wings as they lead them through all-new team and individual challenges. In the end, only one individual will win a quarter of a million dollars, but hopefully all of them will find their grit.

American Grit cast celebrates life of Savannah teen - Savannah Morning News - per Savannahnow

"The first thing Melanie said when they shaved her head was, 'Can I donate?'" Gustin said. "She didn't have to do that, but out of the kindness of her heart, she asked if she could donate it. It was the first thing out of her mouth."


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