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American Dad!

American Dad! is American Comedy TV series. Created by Mike Barker. Produced by 20th Century Fox Television. Stars: Seth MacFarlane, Wendy Schaal, Dee Bradley Baker. Also known as American Dad! in Argentina. It debuted on Feb 06, 2005, on TBS. The series has 7.3 * rating by IMDb. Winner of the ASCAP Award.


How Many Seasons Of American Dad!: 15 (281 episodes)

Season 16


Season 15

Season premieres on April 15, 2019

Finale: August 26, 2019

TBS, 22 episodes

Season 14

Season premieres on December 25, 2017

Returns: February 12, 2018

Finale: April 8, 2019

TBS, 25 episodes

Season 13

2016, TBS, 22 episodes

Season 12

2016, TBS, 22 episodes

Season 11

2014, TBS, 22 episodes

Season 10

2014, TBS, 15 episodes

Season 9

2013, TBS, 23 episodes

Season 8

2012, TBS, 19 episodes

Season 7

2011, TBS, 18 episodes

Season 6

2010, TBS, 19 episodes

Season 5

2009, TBS, 18 episodes

Season 4

2008, TBS, 20 episodes

Season 3

2007, TBS, 16 episodes

Season 2

2006, TBS, 19 episodes

Season 1

2005, TBS, 23 episodes

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American Dad! is on TBS (United States) Mondays at 10 pm

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Season 15 Episode 22 () - Air Date: Sep 09, 2019 (6 months ago)

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American Dad!: Father's Daze (Season Premiere) Review - Den of Geek US - via Denofgeek

“Father’s Daze” wonderfully tows that line between humorous and disturbing as Stan continues to force his family (for five weeks) to become his ideal versions of themselves as they strive to give him the perfect day. We know that Stan is ultimately coming from some sort of warm place, but him keeping his family hostage in some sick situation where even the slightest glitch in behavior will cause him to start the whole thing over is deliciously dark territory. The episode is much more concerned with the humor (and montage potential) of this storyline, but it doesn’t hide how manipulative and damaging all of this is, too. Plus, it all plays really nicely under The Eels.

American Dad! Season 14 Episode 2 Review: Paranoid Frandroid - Den of Geek US - via Denofgeek

Rather than simply talk to Francine on the matter like any involved husband would do, Stan attempts to sweep the problem under the carpet by doubling down on his deception. Stan notices that his support structures are beginning to weaken here, which is when he reveals that he’s actually been in charge of “Morning Mimosa’s” production for years now. The whole program has been engineered to be the show that he needs it to be for Francine so she’ll remain placated and worry-free through her days. This is a drastic, over the top scheme that Stan has in motion in order to solve this very minor problem of his, but it’s hardly the most extreme behavior that Stan’s demonstrated before.

American Dad! Season 15 Episode 10 Review: Railroaded - Den of Geek US - by Denofgeek

When Stan gets laughed out of Mayor Woodside’s office over his bullet train proposal he’s ready to give up on the dream until the rest of the town actually seem to be behind his radical pitch. Without much effort at all Stan is able to get the rest of Langley Falls on his side and Roger is already deep into figuring out how to use this to his advantage.

Before Season 14 premieres, catch up on the best 'American Dad!' episodes - Screener - via Screenertv

But after 11 hilariously underrated seasons, Fox decided to part ways with the Smith family. Rather than let it die, TBS picked up the series in 2014 for a 12th season, and quickly renewed it for seasons 13 and 14. Over its entire run, “American Dad!” has treated audiences to an absurdist and often sharply satirical examination of family, friendship, and patriotism.


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