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A Place to Call Home

A Place to Call Home is Australian Drama TV series. Created by Bevan Lee. Produced by Seven Network. Stars: Marta Dusseldorp, Noni Hazlehurst, Brett Climo. Also known as En ny begyndelse in Denmark. It debuted on Apr 28, 2013, on Showcase. IMDb's user rating for the series is 8.3 *. Winner of the AACTA Award, Award of Distinction, Silver Logie. A Place to Call Home is filmed in Australia.


How Many Seasons Are There Of A Place to Call Home: 6 (67 episodes)

Season 7


Season 6

Season premieres on August 19, 2018

Finale: October 21, 2018

Showcase, 10 episodes

Season 5

Season premieres on October 8, 2017

Finale: December 24, 2017

Showcase, 12 episodes

Season 4

2016, Showcase, 12 episodes

Season 3

2015, Showcase, 10 episodes

Season 2

2014, Showcase, 10 episodes

Season 1

2013, Showcase, 13 episodes

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What Time Is A Place to Call Home On?

A Place to Call Home is on Showcase (Australia) Sundays at 6 pm

Last episode:

Season 6 Episode 10 (Reaching Home) - Air Date: Oct 21, 2018 (8 months ago)

News & Interviews

A Place to Call Home's Brett Climo on the finale of the beloved Foxtel drama - The Advertiser - via Adelaidenow

And it’s playing that decent gentleman he’ll miss most. Not just his wonderful castmates who have become like a family to him, as he says he’ll see them all the time in the relatively small Australian television industry.

From Outlander to A Place to Call Home - The West Australian - via Thewest

Aaron Pedersen plays a returned serviceman in A Place to Call Home - The Sydney Morning Herald - via Smh

A day on the set of A Place to Call Home in Kirkham - Wollondilly Advertiser - via Wollondillyadvertiser

Kirkham's A Place to Call Home returns next week - Wollondilly Advertiser - via Wollondillyadvertiser

A Place to Call Home: Australian drama success story - The Australian - via Theaustralian

Set in 1950s rural Australia, the drama follows the lives of the Blighs, a wealthy and complicated pastoralist family in NSW, and is a stylishly visual realisation of cultural history and dramatic action converging in a dense form of storytelling we have not seen in our TV drama before. (It respectfully echoes Douglas Sirk’s so-called “women’s movies”, those 1950s romantic social melodramas, artfully blurring the line between camp soap opera and high art, which he filled with subversive critiques of class, status and money.)

A Place to Call Home, filmed at Camelot in Kirkham, will return for its fourth series on Foxtel's showcase. | News Local - - via Dailytelegraph

A Place to Call Home stars Sara Wiseman, Craig Hall and Brett Climo are loving being back on set - The Advertiser - via Adelaidenow

A Place to Call Home is the new Mad Men thanks to the Etsy evolution - The Sydney Morning Herald - via Smh

A Place to Call Home: Sun begins to set on the Bligh homestead - via Smh

Leading man Brett Climo, who first worked with prolific series creator Bevan Lee on Sons and Daughters in 1982 and has barely been out of work since, likens this epic period melodrama set against the picturesque backdrop of rural New South Wales, to having a "very special, beautiful, favourite piece of art " on his wall. He's not sure what he can possibly hang next to it. But, he says, the inevitable finale, which occurs in 1959, and was written by Lee with the input of fans, is a "nice, kind landing for the show".

All Saints star Jenni Baird is sure to shock as racist Regina on A Place to Call Home - The Advertiser - via Adelaidenow


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Penny Jones
Penny Jones
1 year 7 months ago

Please can you tell me when , A Place to Call Home, will be shown in Britain?

Penny Jones
Penny Jones
1 year 7 months ago

I am a huge fan of, A Place to Call Home, can’t wait to see series 5, on British T V.

Brenda Scroggins
Brenda Scroggins
1 year 6 months ago

A place to call home is an excellent show the best yet