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800 Words

800 Words is Australian Drama TV series. Created by James Griffin. Produced by South Pacific Pictures. Stars: Erik Thomson, Melina Vidler, Benson Jack Anthony. Also known as Piikkejä paratiisissa in Finland. It debuted on Sep 15, 2015, on Seven Network. IMDb's user rating for the series is 7.8 *. Winner of the Logie, Silver Logie. 800 Words is filmed in New Zealand.


How Many Seasons Of 800 Words Have There Been: 3 (40 episodes)

Season 4

Seven Network

Season 3

Season premieres on September 12, 2017

Returns: August 14, 2018

Finale: October 2, 2018

Seven Network, 16 episodes

Season 2

Season premieres on August 23, 2016

Returns: January 31, 2017

Finale: March 21, 2017

Seven Network, 16 episodes

Season 1

2015, Seven Network, 8 episodes

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What Time Does 800 Words Start

800 Words is on Seven Network (Australia) Tuesdays at 8 pm

Last episode:

S3E16 () - Air Date: Oct 02, 2018 (3 months ago)

News & Interviews

800 Words Michelle Langstone on cold sets and being typecast - New Zealand Herald - via Nzherald

800 Words has a big cast, which means long days and scenes. "It's taught me a lot, and you really have to pace yourself. My storyline in the last six or seven weeks has just been massive so I've been totally slammed."

Inside 800 Words star Emma Leonard vintage-styled home - - via Dailytelegraph

Seven's 800 Words most watched non-news show but comes third across the demographics - MuMbrella - via Mumbrella

Erik Thomson doesn't mind playing the perennial TV dad in 800 Words but admits he feared starring alongside hi - Daily Mail - via Dailymail

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Top-rating Kiwi-Oz co-production 800 Words screening half a year behind Australia - - via Stuff

The network cited new local series Dirty Laundry, period drama Victoria, a new season of Cold Feet and the final season of Person Of Interest as shows that would take precedent over 800 Words.

800 Words' Melina Vidler says NZ is second home - Daily Mail - via Dailymail

800 Words' Melina Vidler fears she could give away the mid-season finale - Daily Mail - via Dailymail

Comedy drama 800 Words has captured our hearts (and ratings) - The Sunshine Coast Daily - via Sunshinecoastdaily

Mother of 800 Words unknown actor Benson Jack Anthony is E Street star Marianne Howard - Gold Coast Bulletin - via Goldcoastbulletin

“Benson and Melina (Vidler, who plays his onscreen sister) had decided to go to the movies and I said to him, ‘Enjoy it because this is probably one of the last times you guys are going to be able to walk through the shopping centre, see a movie and not have everyone look at you.’”

800 Words: Melina Vidler on Erik Thomson and her real-life Dad - - via News

Comedy drama 800 Words has captured our hearts (and ratings) - Northern Star - via Northernstar

TV review: 800 Words might be Oz's new fave show but ... - New Zealand Herald - via Nzherald

Bridie Carter talks about her TV comeback on 800 Words and McLeods Daughters - - via News

800 Words star Emma Leonard says Tasman no divide for true love - - via Dailytelegraph


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